Five Ways to Evaluate a New Mat for Your Baby

Oftentimes, parents who are expecting a baby have a long list of items to get for their little one. A crib, a changing table, blankets, clothing, toys and diapers are just a few examples. Another item many parents have on their list is a baby mat. A baby mat is the perfect place to put an infant who is beginning to roll, creep and otherwise explore his or her environment. Finding the best baby mat is simple when you evaluate each one based on these five criteria.


Look at the dimensions of a baby mat before buying it. A newborn doesn’t move around too much so the size of your mat isn’t terribly important during that period of your child’s life. But, once your baby starts to roll around and explore, you want to make sure your mat is big enough to accommodate that movement. You want to have peace of mind about the security of your baby as he or she spends time on the mat.


A baby’s skin is very sensitive. Rubbing up against rough fabric can cause a baby’s skin to become irritated and raw. So, it’s best to look for a baby mat that’s made of cotton. Cotton is one of the softest fabrics available. That’s why many types of baby clothes are made from cotton. A baby can move its bare arms, legs, stomach, face and back across cotton fabric and not be harmed.

Special Details

Do you want a baby mat in a solid color? Or, maybe you’re looking for one with an

interesting design that complements your décor and gives your little one something to look at while playing. Though decoration and appearance may not be the priority you have for a new baby mat, it can add to your baby’s experience. Babies are very curious and want to absorb the sights and sounds around them! If you’re interested in a fun design, visit Kippins for baby play mats online.


When your baby is relaxing on a baby mat, his or her diaper may leak. Plus, a mat can take on dirt or pet hair from around the room. That’s why it’s important to evaluate the durability of any mat you choose. It should stand up to trips through the washing machine and come out in great condition. You want your mat to be in the cleanest condition possible for your baby.

The Environment Where it Will Be Used

The thickness of a baby mat is a significant detail. If you want to put the mat on a linoleum floor or other hard floor, the mat needs to provide adequate cushion to protect your baby. Even if you plan to put your mat on carpeting, it should still be thick enough to cushion your baby’s body as it explores its environment.

Lastly, a good way to approach this important choice is to select three or four mats and look closely at the specific details of each one. Weigh the pros and cons of each mat to settle upon one that will be useful to you and your baby for years to come.