Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nursery School

Making the most informed decision when it comes to child care is one of the most important decision every parent should take on a very serious note. As a parent, you must make sure that you decide on the right program for your child. Little Hands Little Feet day nursery is a great example of all round care and education. When looking for nursery school for your child, the first thing to inquire about is on practical matters which may include: class size, schooling hours, staff to child ratio, transport availability and proximity to your home or work place.

After asking about practical matters, ask about application and admission procedures and the time line for both. Make sure you meet all the deadlines as per the institution.

When to start looking for a nursery school entirely depends on where you live. If the area you live in does not have highly competitive programmes, make a point of investigating your options 9-12 months before expecting to enrol your child. To get an ideal nursery, you should have the following questions in mind for consideration:

1) How is discipline handled in the nursery?

Some nurseries are stricter than others. As a responsible parent, you should keep an eye on how incidents on behaviour matters are handled. Classroom rules should be very clear so that your child can have an idea of the consequences to come in case of misconduct. To be sure of the proper conduct, you may ask the teacher whether he or she gives a motivational reward to those children that are well behaved. The overall tone between the teacher and the children should be that of respect. The emotions experienced by children should be acknowledged by teachers.

2) What qualifications do the teaching staff have?

The staff should have at least a level three in any recognised child care qualifications. This will give you confidence that the nursery staff have got good understanding about your baby’s needs and how your child grows and develops. The teacher should also hold a first aid certificate with good references. It’s not just about the curriculum but mostly about the staff members and how dedicated and committed they are to the program.

3) Are meals provided to the children?

If meals are provided, you are entitled to know whether the meals are balanced and if yes, are there pre-meal routines set for the children such as washing hands before eating and after visiting the bathroom. Table manners should also be observed during meal times but not to forget that the little ones should be given a chance to socialise during meal time.

4) Is nap time provided for the kids?

It is essential that your child gets time to sleep during the busy pre-school day. As a concerned parent, you should not forget to ask the teacher when the kids’ nap time takes place. Nap time should be allocated at the same time each and every day for easy adoption by the children. The nap time should however not be more than two hours so as not to alter with the child’s night sleep.

5) Is potty training a requirement?

Some nurseries may require to be fully potty trained while others may offer to assist with the process of training. You should therefore make a point of enquiring about that. Some may require that you bring your child when he or she is fully trained on toilet use. If the case of your child does not apply to this, you will need to send a change of clothes alongside with your child, just in case.

6) Does the nursery provide kids with an opportunity to play?

Physical activity is a requirement for proper development, well-being and good health for your child. It is therefore necessary that nursery schools offer plenty of opportunity for active play. It is important that children get exposed to activities such as stringing beads, pre-writing such as scribbling and many other activities. Such like activities will help improve your child’s hand skills that will be required. Playing also holds a great role in improving your child’s social skills.