How to supervise your teen With TheOneSpy?

Every parent wants to protect teens and kids from all the possible nightmares in real-life and a well as the in the digital life. The phenomenon of the parenting has quite changed over the years. In post times, parents have to protect kids and teens from the predators exist in real life, they used to of manipulating the children in real life and then harm them as well.

 Now in the contemporary world, the technology has provided plenty of communication tools such as cell phone that enable youth to interact with the fellow users online. They use social media apps when phone connected to the cyberspace such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Vine, Tinder, Tumblr, and others.

These platforms and the phones have provided a cover to the real-life predators to use the digital world and be anonymous. Therefore, they make interaction with the teens online and when they completely trap the teens then bullied online, stalk online and also sexual abusers abuse kids and teens in real life.

Therefore, parent’s needs to supervise teens at any cost, otherwise, their lives are full of vulnerabilities and they can be trapped and parents will not have clue. No matter what type of cover the online predators have adopted in the modern world, its parents responsibility to secure teens from all online and real-life dangers.

What should parents do?

Setting on the chair and having a cup of tea in the hands never tell the parents the right solution to supervise teens to the fullest. If technology has provided all the vulnerabilities in teen’s life, then the technology would be the only solution to safeguard teens from the cyber threats.

Therefore, parents need to use the cell phone spying software that enables parents to do effective parenting in such a way that they stay updated all the time regarding teens and kids online activities.

Install mobile monitoring software on teen’s cell phone

Parents can do the effective piece of parenting when it comes spy on teens in real-life and as well as in digital life. They just need to install the mobile spy software no matter if your teens have cell phone running with the android, IOS, and blackberries. Parents have to visit the official website of the TOS spying app for phones.

Then they have to subscribe to the spyware for smartphones and get the credentials with the help of email. Now they need to install the cell phone surveillance app on the target mobile phone. Once they have successfully installed the app on the teen’s smartphone, they need to activate it and got an option of tracking device either secretly or not. Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel. Get started with the flowing tools and supervise your teens to the fullest.

Phone bugging

Parents can use phone bug to supervise teen in real life in such way that they can record the surround sounds and conversations of teens with MIC bug. Further, parents can view the surround activities in the shape of videos by hacking the front and back camera with the help of spyvidcam bug. However, user can make images through camera bug app. it is the best tool for spying on teen’s hidden activities.

IM’s social media

Now take a look at teens online media activities by tracking all the trendy social messaging apps. The cell spy app enables a user to track IM’s logs, chat conversations, audio and videos calls, shared media files such as photos and videos. However, parents can listen to the voice messages through voice call spy.

Hidden call recorder

The secret call recorder empowers parents to record and listen to all the incoming and outgoing calls of the strangers.

Text messages spy

Parents can view all the text messages sent and received on the phone with TOS text messages monitoring. A user can further view MMS, BBM chat messages, do imessages monitoring and can see heads-up tickers notification.

TOS spy 360

A user can view and listen to the activities in real time. Parents can record and listen to the surrounds in real time with spy 360 live surround listening. Furthermore, you can view teen’s live surround activities with the help of spy 360 live camera streaming. Anyhow, now put your parenting in a nutshell with the help of spy 36o live screen sharing. It empowers parents to share the teen’s phone screen to TOS online control panel and parents can view live activities happen on the phone.

GPS location tracker

Parents can track the exact and current location of kids and teens when they are outside the house. GPS location tracker app allows parents to view the pin-point location.


Now parents can supervise teens all the activities in real life and in the digital world. TheOneSpy over the years has known for to best of the best parenting app till date.

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