Is Marijuana Dangerous for Our Health

Accoding to medical marijuana doctor it does not really have some bad effects. However, marijuana users are at a higher risk of injuries and injuries as a result of non-fatal incidents in the household and in driving. Therefore, it is not recommended to drive a car or operate hazardous machinery after marijuana use.

There is no strict equivalence between marijuana and tobacco smoke, so there is no justification for making comparisons between their harmful effects on the human body. It can only be said that marijuana is used in much lower doses of tobacco, that it is more commonly used in a hookah, which reduces about 50% of the carcinogenic substances in the smoke, and that there is no evidence that smoking marijuana causes emphysema. Naturally, the harmful effects of smoking are not observed when the preparation is ingested.

What are the side effects of marijuana use?

In some cases, the use of marijuana leads to a state of paranoia, appearing as a chase for persecution. Inexperienced users may experience anxiety that may eventually develop into an attack of panic disorder accompanied by psychosomatic phenomena such as palpitations, choking, nausea, vomiting and collapse. There is evidence that these phenomena are the result of the fear of punishment existing in countries where marijuana use is pursued by law.

In people with problems in the cardiovascular system, marijuana can cause arrhythmia and increase or decrease blood pressure. There is a temporary decrease in the level of sex hormones and sperm counts in men, but there is no evidence that this may cause fertility problems.

Is there an addiction to marijuana?

Yes, of course, there is. Just as there is an addiction to coffee, gambling, the Internet, watching TV, but in a lesser degree than to cigarettes, for example. Some time ago, the joke was widely spread that water was the strongest drug because of its first use it caused addiction to life. The question is not whether or not there is any addiction, but what are the health and social harm from the use that marijuana and water are small compared to the use of other substances and products; such as the illusion of using the latest Mercedes model, a house in a world-famous resort, and so on. carries much more damage to society as a whole, but no one even suspects car makers or real estate dealers.

Is it true that marijuana is a springboard for other drugs; and if you smoke, then ecstasy, cocaine, mushrooms, even heroin naturally enter your life?

It is true that most users of highly addictive drugs have smoked weed before starting to use other substances.

But does this really mean a cause-and-effect relationship?

Our statistics show that the high use of tonic or tomato juice correlates very well with increased alcohol use, but tonic and juice are not the cause of drunkenness. In the spirit of the joke, the water is even more dangerous because it leads to imminent death – all the deceased have ever used it. The relationship between weed and other drugs is also only associative, ie. people who are willing to experiment with psychoactive substances do that. A separate question is how many of them will cross the border of moderate use. Many people share the view that one does not need any drugs to spoil their lives.