Create A Good Parenting Plan If You Are Planning for Divorce

If you are negotiating with your partner for divorce settlement then it is important to think about your children too. Your children deserve love and care and since you have brought them into this world you are responsible for their upbringing. You may be fighting with each other for your rights, but there should be good parenting plan for your children in your agreement. While considering about parenting plan, you have to keep the interest of your children in mind. Think of their school schedule, homework and spending time with them etc. Following are few tips to create a good parenting plan.

  • Create a parenting schedule

Your children should not suffer just because you two cannot stay together. Therefore, your parenting plan should be the first thing to consider before you consider anything else. If you have to create a practical and actionable parenting schedule where the presence of both must be there. You may hate each other, but your children love both of you. Do not play blame game in front of your children.

  • Make a reasonable custody and parenting arrangement

Divorce is difficult to go through however for your children’s sake you have to be reasonable. You must consider the relationship between each parent and children as children will perform best when their relationship with both the parents are strong. Therefore, make proper custody arrangement.

  • Settle any concerns about custody

In case, you have any concern about your ex partner’s ability to take proper care about your children then raise concern now so that it can be discussed. In case, your ex partner is alcoholic or a drug addict then the custody arrangement has to be changed otherwise it will be difficult at the later date.

  • Needs of your children has to be respected

Avoid criticizing your ex-partner in front of your children and create confusion in their mind about him or her whom they love and trust. You must consider the need of your children and enjoy with them as if both of you are with them. What the other parent is doing in his or her life should not be discussed with your children.

  • Find out what your children want

Your children at their tender age may not be able to exactly tell you what they want from you. However, if they are grown up then they may express their desire to stay in the same home after coming back from school. If children want to spend time with the other parent then you should not crib but allow them to go. It will do good for them.

  • Create a support network

Raising children alone can be a difficult task and therefore consider about support network. Use the relationship with your parents or parents in law to create proper support network so that if babysitting is needed then they can help you out. You may also look for any cooperating people around you who may help you out.

  • Maintain some form of communication with your ex partner

If two of you cannot talk to each other then establish some other form of communication like messaging, emailing etc.