Best Exercises to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

The world is a chaotic place, and we all deal with stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can affect your physical and mental health. High-income and low income people need mental clarity to function properly. If stress and anxiety are untreated, the problem could result in costly medical bills. Exercise is a great way to alleviate mental fatigue. These exercises can improve alertness and reduce fatigue. You do not need to spend hours in the gym waiting for your favorite exercise equipment. You can do these exercises when you need a quick break from the chaotic outside world.

Aerobic Exercises

Most people do aerobic exercise every day. Whether you are walking to the mail box or jogging around your neighborhood, aerobic exercises will increase your heart rate. Dancing is a natural opiate. When you dance in your living room, your body will release endorphins. After your workout, you will feel better mentally and physically. If you have any medical conditions, you should speak with your doctor before starting a rigorous workout routine.


Yoga is a great stress reliever. Stationary poses and deep breathing can help you relieve stress and anxiety. If you are new to yoga, you should start with a few basic poses. You can add more complex poses to your routine after a few weeks of practicing the basic poses.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is similar to yoga. It is a combination of breathing techniques and gentle body movements. The exercises are meant to relax your mind. Tai chi can increase your bone density and boost your immune system. When you learn the Tai chi moves, you can do the exercises anywhere.


Kickboxing is a powerful stress reliever. The exercise involves kicking movements and controlled punching. A rigorous workout can help you alleviate frustration. After a kickboxing workout, you will have less stress and better coordination.


Pilates stretches increase flexibility and build strength. The controlled movements will tone your muscles. After a workout, you will have a clear mind and more physical strength.


Hiking is an excellent way to alleviate anxiety and enjoy nature. The fresh air will help you clear your mind. Always carry extra water when you are hiking in isolated areas.

  • Do not overwhelm yourself. Set small fitness goals every day.
  • Choose exercises that are fun. Change your workout routine when it gets boring. Sometimes, you might want to exercise in a group.
  • Distract yourself with a portable media player. When you listen to music, you can exercise longer.
  • Be patient when you are starting a new workout routine. You might need a few weeks to adjust to a rigorous workout routine.

Chronic stress and anxiety can damage your body. If the problem is not treated, you will have a higher risk of developing heart disease and depression. When you take control of your stress and anxiety, you can regain your power and confidence.